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Pros and Cons of Shaving Man Pubic Area

Benefits of Shave Pubic Hair for Man
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Should Men Cock Shear?

Pros and cons of shaving man pubic area - During this time, waxing or shaving pubes pubic fur is more synonymous with women. Still rare men who are interested in his cock shear. However, the present circumstances are different. Many men present that does not hesitate to cock shear. However, should this be done?

For women, the pubes waxing becomes one of the obligatory series of care of their bodies. In addition to making the look more sexy and vital organs of the visible, trimming their pubic believed can make vital organs more clean and avoid the harmful bacteria that grow on the pubic hair.

It makes the pubes waxing is more popular among women than men. In contrast to women, men tend to be more relaxed in the presence of their pubic fur. However, as the development of the times and the emergence of the trend of grooming among men, shaving the pubic fur now becomes one of the activities that give rise to keen interest among them.

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If the woman so that his cock shear organ her femininity free of harmful bacteria that can enter into the vagina, then what benefit obtained the guy with his cock shear? Basically, the pubes waxing for women and men alike are aiming to create the look of a vital organ is more neat and clean.

When the pubic fur is too dense, the area around the vital organs will be more moist, easy good due to sweat as well as the former water wash after urinating. Pubic fur condition and vital tools that moisturized will make the bacteria proliferate and threaten the health of vital tools. Therefore, the pubic shear into preventive action that can be taken to prevent the occurrence of disease.

In addition to the health issues of vital tools, shaving the pubic hair for men come in handy to make the appearance of Mr. P's more visible. If you are a man, you certainly don't want Your vital tool is hidden behind Your pubic fur heavily, isn't it? A vital tool that is more noticeable after shaving the pubic fur can increase the confidence man in the eyes of his partner, especially when making love.

benefits of trimming pubic hair
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If talking about pubes waxing, probably the first word will be crossed is the Brazilian wax. Pubic shear to slick demolished willingly conducted the women to make the appearance more interesting parts of her femininity.

If the guy who did the pubes waxing should also shaved his cock until there is not left? The answer is no. Basically, men and women alike are given the freedom to shave the hair of privates until exhausted or not. Do not shave off pubic hair does not pose a danger. A little trimming on the pubic hair is enough. The most important is to keep pubic hair not too dense.


In contrast to when shaving a mustache, beard, or a head of hair, shaving pubic hair have tips and tricks. Pubic shear can not be done haphazardly. In addition to risk injuring a vital tool, trimming their pubic arbitrarily will make a vital tool feels itchy. You certainly do not want to spend time with feeling the itch in your valuable assets because of haphazard when shaving, isn't it?

First Tips to trimming pubic hair

Selecting the best shaving products, ranging from razors, Clippers razor, shaving cream, to a moisturizer that will be used before and after shaving. Using the best shaving products will minimize the risk of irritation occurs and other side effects due to the mistakes of election products shaving.

The Second Tip

not use the same razor with a razor used to shave the areas of the face. This is done so that the razor is not quickly dull and damaged. In addition, using the same razor for shaving pubic fur face and just the same as using a toilet brush for brushing teeth.

In other words: disgusting to do and unhygienic! In addition, put a razor to shave the face away with a razor to shave the pubic fur. Thus, the risk of razor correspondences will be getting smaller.

The Third tips

Tips on shaving pubic hair was not in a hurry when shaving. The main reason not to hurry when trimming their pubic is one wrong movement could cause cuts in vital tools.

In addition, in contrast to the visible areas of the face, pubic area lies far below so that it should be given extra attention. Much better to slow down and be careful when shaving compared the rush will only culminate in the sahve results are not neat, or even irritation.

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