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9 Benefits of Quail Eggs Extraordinary For Your Body

benefits of quail eggs on the skin
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9 Benefits of Quail Eggs Extraordinary For Your Body - Eggs are known as foods fortified protein content in it, One of them is the type of quail eggs. Indeed, they are seen little as apparent lack of usability. But If visiting a wide range implies fairly complex, tiny eggs and how pleasant it is able to provide health benefits for the body.

Moreover, if we look at the majority of medical practitioners in China State of yore, where they have been using eggs as a natural ingredient for handling diverse disorders that impair the body's health. Therefore, at least we can all consider to be wide benefits of grains of quail eggs, to serve as the body's defenses to be prevented from various diseases.

Quail egg itself contains rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, fats, Lutein, choline, and many other important substances. Even when compared to chicken eggs, quail eggs nutritional value is larger and can be used as a basic ingredient of traditional medicine today. Which natural healing process has become an effective way, because it feels quite safe and does not cause side effects in the long term.

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Benefits of Eating Raw Quail Eggs

Now, let us consider the range of properties of quail eggs as a natural material to crush various diseases that damage the health of the body.

1. Prevent Cancer

The content owned by quail egg is claimed to be able to prevent the onset of cancer cells in the body. By doing so, the risk level of the body affected by cancer will be minimized effectively. By eating quail eggs, then indirectly the health of the body will increase, and avoid the diseases harmful to the body such as cancer.

2. The emergence Against Allergies

Quail egg contains Ovomucoid, which is useful to counteract the symptoms of allergic responses in the body. Unlike the chicken eggs and sometimes even cause allergic diathesis. Even the quail egg is also filled with potassium and iron are quite high. Therefore, when you consume food dishes, you can also pour this quail eggs in cooking or taking them directly.

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3. Helping Eye Health

Eating quail egg is also very supportive of the health of the eye organ. Which in this tiny egg inside the womb, indeed there is a substance Zeaxanthin and Lutein, which is a natural compound that can increase the light blue 20 to 90 percent. It also gives the yellow pigment in the eye, namely by increasing the content of Zaeksantin and Lutein is needed by the retina. With so eye conditions can be maintained well and healthy.

4. Prevent Aging

Benefits of quail eggs on the skin, besides Lutein on quail eggs is useful for maintaining eye health, on the other hand Lutein also prevent premature aging. Even Lutein is present in egg yolks, is capable of slowing the aging up to 40 percent. So it all makes the tasty benefits of eggs is quite diverse.

Benefits of Quail Eggs During Pregnancy
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5. Benefits of Quail Eggs During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, certainly for moms will want fetal conditions has been conceived not remain in a healthy condition ....?. Well, by eating quail eggs, known as the source of this Kolin, will support brain development in the fetus. Even if the intake of choline can be fulfilled with enough levels, it will thus be able to reduce the risk of death in fetal cells. As a result, the likelihood of birth defects would be minimized.

While based on existing research results show that choline intake should be for the consumption of this can be done since the womb the fetus aged 20 or 25 Sundays, until the time the baby is born

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6. Strengthening Brain Function

In addition to quail eggs good for strengthening the brain's memory fetus in the womb, Nutrition Choline is found in egg quail can also maintain brain function for everyone in the productive age. Where the brain function can be maintained properly, so the brain would be able to stay healthy and work with the maximum.

7. Become the Best Protein Source

When compared to chicken eggs or duck, Quail eggs are visible this tiny turns protein content is quite high, 13.5 grams of protein. Even on protein digestibility of quail eggs are also high, so it will be absorbed by the body to the maximum. Therefore it would be a good idea to consume this tasty eggs.

8. Boost Immune System

The content contained in quail eggs, can also be used to maintain and enhance the body immunity. Therefore, you can eat quail eggs as much as 3 to 5 eggs in the morning. With so the immune system and the body's metabolism can be increased effectively.

9. Prevent Gastrointestinal Disorders

In order to prevent in order not to be exposed to gastrointestinal disorders such as gastritis, constipation, and others, then you can eat quail eggs routinely. Moreover, Quail eggs can also increase the performance of the nervous system in the body

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