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TOP 5 Benefits of Baby Oil for Skin

is it good to use baby oil for adult?
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Its name is baby oil, surely this is dong skin care products for babies. For infants, baby oil itself are soothing, moisturizing the skin and is suitable by babies who generally still have sensitive skin.

Great Benefits of Baby Oil

Of course it may be, let alone make you the owner of sensitive skin. You can use baby oil as a substitute body lotion to soften and keep the skin thightness. Even if seen from its benefits for the skin, the baby oil is almost on par with olive oil!

the following is a benefit of baby oil if used by adults as skin care.

Soften skin

Try rubbing baby oil on the dry, then wait to sink in. Nature baby oil that is able to moisturize the skin, can make to avoid feels softer. In order for maximum results, you can massage the body with baby oil, at minimum once a week.

Brighten skin

Despite its name, oil baby oil but in contrast with other oils. If used properly, baby oil effectively to balance oil levels in the skin, and the skin is able to offer a brighter glow.

safe to use a variety of skin types, including sensitive skin
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Good for sensitive skin

Because it is intended for babies, it certainly gives a baby oil is safe to use a variety of skin types, including sensitive skin. If you are the owner of sensitive skin, then the baby oil is the right choice. With the use of regular, sensitive skin you will disappear by itself.

Remove make up

Most makeup remover products contain alcohol. Of course it's less good for dry and sensitive skin. The solution, you can use baby oil already heated first to remove the makeup to your satisfaction.

Chapped skin

Dry skin is a problem that is quite complex. To overcome this problem, you can use baby oil. Uniquely again, any baby oil to effectively cope with a cracked heel. The way, soak the feet in hot water, then rub your heels with scrub, and end with applying baby oil.

To make it more effective, we recommend that you mix baby oil with some other essential oil, such as almond oil, rose, lavender and others. Good luck!

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