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Disadvantages and Advantages of Consuming Wine

Disadvantages and Advantages of Consuming Wine
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Disadvantages and Advantages of Consuming Wine - Alcoholic beverages, including wine, is not public consumption society in Indonesia. But for who want to get the benefits of wine, it is important to know the exact rate of consumption for the sake of avoiding the bad effects.

As a double-edged sword, consumption of wine in the portion that can improve the health condition of the body or the health harming precisely if excessive drinking.

Disadvantages and advantages of consuming wine

For people who love drink alcoholic water, better you read this:

The appropriate amount of

The appropriate wine consumption level is in fact different for each person. It depends on the age, gender, weight, and height as well as genetic. In addition there are other factors, such as the food that is consumed with wine or drugs consumed by each individual.

In General, consumption of wine which is considered moderate for men is two glasses of wine each contains about 150 ml per day. Another case with women who are advised to drink only one glass per day.

The positive benefits of Wine

Regardless of the risks contained in it, the wine has some impact is beneficial for the body, among other things:

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Improve bone density

The study concluded that consumption of alcohol moderately can increase bone mineral density.

Diffuse infection of the digestive system

Positively, alcohol can become a natural antibacterial that can relieve irritation. In addition, antibacterial in alcohol can also reduce the risk of infection caused by the Helicobacter pyloribacterium.

Lowers the risk of progression and death from heart disease

Consuming alcohol in a healthy measure proved to be beneficial for heart health.

Increase the level of good cholesterol

Alcohol is very influential towards the increase in good cholesterol or HDL to 20 percent if taken moderately.
The higher the HDL level, then lower the risk of heart disease. It's just that the new benefits may be obtained if accompanied by a pattern of healthy eating and regular physical activity.

Wary of risks posed

Although useful, if consumed in excessive amounts, wine can damage health. This is basically due to the alcohol content of the substances in wine.
Increases the risk of heart Attack
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Increases the risk of heart Attack

When the substance of alcohol is consumed in excess, can trigger some conditions, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and weakens the heart muscle.
The research also concluded that alcohol consumption excessive risk causing an increased risk of heart disease and heart rhythm disturbances.

Interfere with the process of the formation of bone tissue

If the alcoholic drink exceeding a reasonable portion, the effects caused can disrupt the process of the formation of bone tissue. If it is done in the long run, can increase the risk of fractures.

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Heightens the risk of certain cancers

The substance of alcohol can increase the risk of developing cancer of the mouth, throat, liver, and intestines. For women, excessive wine consumption can increase the risk of breast cancer.

Disorders of the brain

In the long run, excessive alcohol consumption can interfere with the development of new brain cells, and increases the risk of experiencing depression.
Whereas, due to the short term often encountered due to consuming excessive alcohol substances can be a change in behavior and memory disorders.

Trigger dehydration

Alcoholic drinks can trigger fluid deficiency in a person's body. Not infrequently, it is followed by a headache.
lcoholic beverages allows addiction
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The risk of addiction

Consuming alcoholic beverages allows addiction, including wine. When it happens, it's hard to control the intake of substances of alcohol on the body.
Consumption of alcoholic beverages, such as wine, it must be done responsibly because health disorders brought about higher than the positive benefits that can be given.
Consult the doctor about the measure that corresponds to the condition of your body. If you can't control your intake of alcohol in order to be always in a measure that is healthy and not excessive, you should not consume alcohol at all.

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