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Benefits and Aesthetic Value of Stone by Color Agate

Benefits and Aesthetic Value of Stone
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Benefits and Aesthetic Value of Stone by Color Agate - Efficacy, benefits and aesthetic value of agate based on color. Agate or stone rings is one of the trends that are currently increasingly widespread in Indonesian society. Even seemingly knows no age, beautiful stones have too many fingers seen embedded in almost all walks of life regardless of age, both those who have aged, young man even to women are now also participated agate use as a means to add a beautiful appearance.

Although actually agate has been known and has become a commodity for a long time by the people of Indonesia, but could not deny if the end of the year 2010 was a golden era for the different types of agate. Some agate are currently a good target for fans or collectors stones such as stone Bacan doko, jade arrowroot, PANCAWARNA and dozens of other rock types are spread across Indonesia.

Agate is full of charm. Even beauty can captivate anyone who sees it. However, irrespective of the value and beauty of its aesthetics, some people believe if there is efficacy agate and many benefits for anyone wearer. There are people who believe if you use certain agate, then he will feel a positive energy. Regardless of the myths or just a suggestion, it would be wise for A love of agate was originally based on the aesthetic value without put it together with magical or spiritual function that can destroy the values of one's faith. So should not it ?.

Efficacy agate indeed have believed for a long time. Even some agate as jade is also used as a means of treatment. Based on the process of creation of agate, is scientifically undeniable if this stone has the energy content. This process is to be one characteristic or distinguishing way agate / ring genuine and fake.

In accordance with its function, it is proper if the purpose of using agate is merely as an accessory to beautify themselves and not intended for the purpose or other purposes.

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Agate properties and benefits by color

Agate original form of various rock material molten lava originating from volcanic mineral content forming agate such as chromium (Cr), cobalt (Co), Ferium (Fe), manganese (Mn), nickel (Ni), Aurum ( Au), copper (Cu), Silica (Si) and various types of other materials. With the content of the various materials and with different compositions in accordance with the content of the material at a particular volcano. Indonesia is located in the area of the fire ring or a ring of fire with many volcanoes, Indonesia is so rich in agate with rich colors and textures typical of the corresponding region of origin.
Benefits and Aesthetic Value of Stone by Color Agate
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1. Agate transparent color and white

Agate of this color symbolizes tranquility, harmony with nature and provide a positive vibe especially for healthcare.
Type of stone: Biduri months, white sapphire, diamond.

2. Agate purple

Agate with this color symbolizes tranquility and be able to parse the negative energy such as emotions have a negative impact. In addition, this stone also symbolizes the nature of feminism that is perfect when used as a women's jewelry.
Type stones: amethyst, amethyst, fluorite.

3. Agate mazarine

Dark blue agate symbolizes wisdom, sensitivity to situations and understated demeanor and authoritative.
Type stones: lapis lazuli, sapphire, tourmaline, obsidian.

4. Agate light blue color

Agate blue color symbolizes the influence and power of tone. Vibrations generated by this stone is also a pure positive energy that represents discretion in determining a decision.
Type of stone: aquamarine, blue topaz, turquoise, blue quartz, tourmaline and blue Malachite

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5. Agate green

Agate green color symbolizes energy inexhaustible, maturity, maturity in attitude and thinking and bring coolness.

Type of stone: jade, stone Bacan, green chalcedony, aventurine, chrysoprase, emerald, tourmaline, Malachite green, peridot.

Agate yellow or golden
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6. Agate yellow or golden

Agate yellow or golden symbolizing awareness, provide positive energy content and appeal.
Type of stone: yellow sapphire, agate, citrine, yellow arrowroot.

7. Agate orange or orange-red color

Agate orange or orange red color symbolizes the creativity, imagination, a way of thinking that is straightforward and concepted and visionary.
Type of stone: orange sapphire, citrine, obsidian orange, garnet hesonite.

8. Agate pink

Pink agate symbolizes love, warmth, optimism and peace.
Type of stone: tourmalin, fanta African ruby, rose quartz, garnet, coral.

9. Agate red

Agate red color symbolizes strength and great energy and warm.
Type of stone: ruby, jasper, garnet, ruby and coral.

10. Agate brown

Brown agate symbolizes simplicity and tranquility in thinking.
Type of stone: labradorite, banjar diamonds, agate, tiger eye, agate, topaz brown.

12. Agate black or dark

Agate black or dark color symbolizes consistency, perseverance, fortitude, serenity once strong determination.
Type Stone: Rhodolite garnet, black opal, pandan hematite, onyx black.

So little discussion about the properties and benefits as well as aesthetic value agate by color. Liked agate course is a natural thing to remember agate is jewelry and gorgeous.

But as its function, of course it is proper agate is intended as accessories to beautify themselves and not with the purpose or other purposes that could potentially reduce the essence of the faith

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